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One of the most exciting developments in photography of recent years are the high-flying camera drones that enable you to capture exclusive viewpoints of a huge variety of subjects. Our Drones allow us to overcome the restrictions of traditional film making. Importantly, we have substantial expertise in cinematography and traditional photography, which is complimented by our experience in remote control flight.

We can shoot spectacular footage of your business, property, event and surrounding areas including landscapes and horizons which can be used for personal use, sales or marketing. We can create unique aerial imagery and video content that is then edited by our team of motion graphics experts.

Using the latest photo and video editing software, we provide quality, tailored post production service which is produced in spectacular 4K Ultra HD. We only use professional grade 4K capable cameras and editing equipment, and have real time HD video downlinks, allowing the pilot and remote aerial camera operator to manoeuvre, frame and capture the perfect shot.

This combination of experience and state-of-the-art equipment sets us apart and is what enables us to produce stunning professional imagery and videography for your business, special event, properties or ongoing construction or building development. We highly recommend that you consider Drone Footage as a Website Element to maximise your media impact. Your drone footage can also be used across all social media platforms.

Our aim is simple, to produce a high-quality end product, while delivering the highest level of customer service.


Here is a compilation of some of our amazing footage. You can see golf courses, Morecambe bay, a caravan park and many more wonderful examples of our drone videography.

What we do

Our drones are exceptional tools for capturing elevated video and photography. We can capture excellent footage and imagery that would otherwise be impossible to achieve. This footage can demonstrate to viewers how your products or services work, provide you with a unique record of your special event and serves well as additional footage for ground-level material.

Aerial Filming and Photography

From media marketing, company promotion, or to record your event from a higher perspective, our services are unique, effective and are delivered in spectacular 4K Ultra HD. Giving you access to your hard to reach locations in the shortest time and providing the highest quality data possible.

Full editing and film production

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Stunning cinematic results

Our team of skilled and experienced camera operators understand how to get the best out of every situation you won’t believe the incredible viewpoints, camera angles and ultra-stable imagery even in low light conditions. All professionally edited using state of the art equipment.

Let’s work together

We are offering you a complete service from concept to completion including planning, filming and editing. Our pricing is based on project or job based pricing or hourly rates depending on your requirements. Our prices include a full editing and film production package.

Services we offer

Golf Courses

Drones on golf courses have many fantastic uses including helping to market and maintain the course. Creating professional golf course drone videos is an exceptional way to increase memberships. Drones can also survey a golf course to assist in the planning and maintenance of the golf course to a high standard. Let us film an aerial perspective to boost your business.

Tourist attractions

Aerial photography and video footage are the clearest way to let your potential clients fully appreciate your hotel, B&B, caravan and camping site or tourism attraction. A picture is worth a thousand words, no more so than when it comes to showcasing your tourism establishment. Let us photograph your business from an aerial perspective to attract new customers.


Love is soaring to new heights. Why not add drone photography to your wedding-day wish lists to capture stunning aerial shots of your special day. Show off your perfect day in a way that no one else can. Our drone can fly anywhere from the ground up allowing you to get those perfect wedding photos to complement your ground footage.


An aerial perspective provides a unique bird’s eye view of the event and can bring the whole crowd plus any surrounding features of the area into the shot. Examples of locations to get the most out of your drone photography include outdoor corporate events, sporting events, weddings, and schools & universities. The footage could serve as a record or marketing tool for future events.

Building Inspection

What was previously a problematic and expensive task can now be realised much more cost-effectively using our Drone services. Building inspections of towers, roofs, chimneys, stadiums, wind turbines, church spires, etc., no longer need expensive cherry-pickers or scaffolding. We can give you a series of high-resolution images or high definition video of most hard to reach structures.

Property Sales

Supplementing standard photos with aerial photographs or video allows potential buyers to gain a better understanding of the relationships between the home, garages, sheds, and other features of your property and surrounding areas. Your sales marketing will definitely achieve a huge wow factor with our professionally presented drone footage.

We deliver quality results for your drone video & photography needs

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